About Us

Zeta Metrics is not about us, it is about what you and us can achieve together.

At Zeta we believe in a three step process: Learn, Polish and Apply. Learn as much because the world is your oyster. Polish what you have learned and help create impactful solutions. Apply your skills to help our clients and society prosper.

Zeta Metrics hosted Congressman Ro Khanna, U.S. Representative for California's 17th congressional district.

Our ideas are beyond their limits.

When our clients were presented with GDPR challenge, we created PayPortal, an out-of-the-box PCI and GDPR compliant payment solution that integrated wtih multiple payment processors, Salesforce and other enterprise applications.

Learn more at: payportal.org

With a team of brilliant engineers and scientists, we created Instagaze, an image recognition service powered by AI that outperformed image recognition services available commercially by Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

Learn more at: instagaze.com